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Explanation of "grade"

                                                         Explanation of "Grade"

1:Selected 1:1(Cheap&Good)

I carefully selected the 1:1 with good quality, with a similarity of 60% - 65%, but there are relatively few styles. If you don't want to buy inferior ones or expensive ones, you can choose this one

2: Premium Quality(Better than 1:1)

Compared with 1:1, the materials and manufacturing process of this grade will be better, with a similarity of 70% - 75% with original products

3:Boutique Grade(High cost performance Most people choose)

Boutique Grade is basically imported leather and hardware, with better workmanship. The similarity to the original product is about 80%-85%

4:Top Boutique (Closest to genuine)

Imported or original leather, top hardware, fine workmanship. Details will be processed by version. The similarity with the original product is about 90% - 95%

You get what you pay for, but no matter what level you buy, it can't be 100% compared with genuine products!  !  !  If it is lower than premium, it cannot be compared with the genuine product.  The colors and styles of the official website may not be complete.  If in doubt, you can do your homework before placing an order.  The above instructions only apply to sugerjj, please do not use my above explanation to compare with other sellers, because the suppliers are different, we only summarize the quality of the suppliers we usually get the goods.  But it does not mean permanent.  If there are adjustments in the future, we will make a public statement.
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